Make The Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life

Students Succeeding Program

Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life


Students Succeeding is a school program designed by Suzi Nelsen to help students identify choices to follow after they leave school.




According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2005, suicide was the 3rd cause of death for youth ages 10-24 and in 2017, it is now the 2nd cause of death and is continuing to rise at an alarming rate.


Our Mission is to help students focus on graduating from school and either go on to college, or to find work in a field they are excited with.


Our Mission is to create 1 Million Less Regrets.

We want to help our teens today and provide them with incentives to make good choices for themselves. We’re doing this by going into schools with a blueprint for their future.



When the Columbine High School massacre happened on April 20, 1999, I arrived shortly after the shooting to provide assistance to the 1st Responders. It was a horrifying experience.


One year after Columbine, I met Ron Heagy, who became a quadriplegic on his 18th birthday. For ten years, Ron and I spoke impacting over 90,000 students with a positive message.


The Students Succeeding Program is providing each student with a 12 Life Lessons book to teach success principles and one for their teachers, a Journal and a School Presentation delivered by myself, Suzi Nelsen with Ron Heagy Skyped in and a private Facebook group to support the students in their success journey.


We strongly believe this program will help to provide students with incentives to see they have choices to make good lives for themselves after school. Thank you for helping to create 1 Million Less Regrets in the world.



Suzi Nelsen's program Students Succeeding is to help teens by giving them a blueprint to make good choices for their future.


We're asking for your help.


Schools have limited budgets for this much needed progressive programming to support today’s teens to be successful in life. Your sponsorship would provide the necessary funds so we can deliver this positive, fun, and educational program.


As our Thank You, for your Sponsorship, we have five leading professionals providing you with access to one of their top products in exchange for your support for the Students Succeeding Program.

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Suzi Nelsen created the 12 Life Lessons - To Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life workbook to show teens they have choices in life. This book provides them with a brief lesson, and a page to answer questions on the lesson's topic. By doing the work, the students are learning life lessons and creating a path for their future.  


The workbook is part of the Students Succeeding program that provides a blueprint to assist today's teens to make good choices for their future.  We have been receiving encouraging feedback by teachers and trainers on the format of our workbook for teaching students valuable life lessons to move forward successfully in life. 


The workbook helps students to ask questions about what they want in life and to make decisions for their life during and after high-school. 


 Questions such as:

  • Are they going to college?
  • What do they want to study?
  • What are the entrance requirements? 
  • What classes do they need to take in high-school for a job or a college?
  • What kind of job would they like? 
  • What skills do they need? 
  • Suzi


Suzi Nelsen has a 30+-year career as a Master Event Planner, providing incentive travel programs for corporations, creating unforgettable events for clients around the world. Her largest group was 17, 500 people.


She has Dale Carnegie and Communication Intelligence training. She trains relationship classes for Corporate Executives and their Sales Teams with her PEERR™ Training Program.


Suzi has always volunteered to help those in need, from 10 years serving at a downtown Denver soup kitchen to spending 18 years as a hospice volunteer.


When Suzi was at Littleton Hospital, she was one of four participants creating the Angels in the Emergency Room program and introducing it to Colorado hospitals.

  • Ron


Ron Heagy broke his neck the day before his 18th birthday in a surfing accident. He's a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down.


Ron chose to Never Give Up. He's obtained a masters degree by typing with a stick in his teeth. He's now an inspirational speaker, mouth painter, author, father, and founder of a special needs camp located in Oregon, which has given freedom to numerous individuals to explore the wonderful outdoors. He's also the founder of Life Is An Attitude LLC.


Ron has graciously offered to give his time to come into the schools with the Students Succeeding program to encourage students to know that no matter what happens in life, they have choices and they can be successfull.


Ed Lloyd

Social Studies Department Chair, Rio Linda Preparatory Academy, Rio Linda, California says:


In this book "12 Life Lessons to make the rest of your life the best of your life", Suzi Nelsen really puts an emphasis on each "Life Lesson". It is without a doubt going to impact  many young people in our country, especially at a time when our young people so desperately need encouragement and mentoring.

Pat Terrion

Principal, Founders Capital Management says:


The greatest gift you give another human being is a sense of self security. Through 12 Life Lessons, Suzi Nelsen tears open a package that delivers the crucial ingredients that will make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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